What wind turbine systems are available?

  • Grid Connected
    This system is used to sell electricity back to the electricity supply company by connecting the wind turbine to the national electricity grid.
  • Battery Back-Up
    This system is used to keep a battery bank charged so that when a mains grid power failure occurs essential appliances such as freezers are kept running. The battery can also be used to power everyday appliances and not just when the mains grid fails.
  • Heating
    This system can be used to heat water or air. Heating elements can be connected to the wind turbine to produce heat.
  • Hybrid
    This system is a combination of the Grid Connected System and/or the Battery Back-Up System and/or the Heating System.

Do I need a wind turbine?

With the every increasing rise in power costs, alternative means of producing power are becoming much more commonplace. A wind turbine system can reduce or offset a large amount of the cost in buying energy. In some cases the wind turbine system can actually be a source of income.

If you have a good site location and want to reduce or eliminate your power costs then a wind turbine system should be a serious consideration for you.

How much will a wind turbine system cost to install?

This is the most commonly asked question and the answer is different for everyone that asks the question. The cost of installing a wind turbine system depends on which system is to be installed (Grid Tied, Battery Backup, Heating, Hybrid). The next factor is the tower, the higher the tower needs to be then the more steel that is needed to build it and the more concrete that is needed to support it. The distance the cable has to run to get the electricity to its destination is also a cost consideration. In general the least expensive type of installation is the Heating system. The Guyed Wire tower is generally the least expensive tower. An exact price cant be attained until all the site factors are taken into account.

What is the expected life time of the wind turbine?

There are very few moving components in the wind turbine and those components that do move are of a high quality with good wear resistance. All exposed metal is galvanised or painted and contained within a fibreglass reinforced cover to protect from the weather. With this in mind the structure of the wind turbine is expected to exceed 20 years.

Similar to a car there will be a need to repair or replace some components during the lifetime of the system. These components are standard off the shelf components so they are readily available.

How long will the payback period be?

The payback period is dependent on the initial cost of the installation and on the mean windspeed at the site location. The payback period can be estimated once a site assessment has been carried out and a wind turbine system decided upon.

Is there any maintenance required?

Yes. The bearings and other moving parts need to be greased. The blades also need to be cleaned to remove any dirt that has gathered during operation. A check of all nuts and bolts is carried out to make sure none have come loose. This maintenance should be carried out once a year.

Do I need planning permission?

There are planning exemptions in place linked to below. If these exemptions are followed then a wind turbine installation does not need planning permission.

Residential Exemptions

Industrial Exemptions