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Often times people like to build their own wind turbines as a home project. We encourage this practice and can offer you a helping hand. For those of you who have the tools and skill sets this can be a very enjoyable and satisfying project with a worthwhile result.

For those of you who would like to get started with building your own wind turbine, then we recommend the Homebrew style Wind Turbines developed by Hugh Piggott of Scoraig Wind Electric in Scotland. We can provide you with his Recipe Book as shown in the table of components across. Here is his description of what the book includes:

“The Wind Turbine Recipe Book is a 65 page document that takes you through the process of building your own wind turbine for battery charging. Six different sizes are described from 1.2 to 4.2 metres in diameter. Every detail of the construction is tabulated and illustrated, from the wooden blades to the purpose-built permanent magnet alternator. Only basic workshop tools and skills are required. These recipes have evolved from thirty years of living off-grid and building small wind turbines.”

The cost of the book is €17.79 euros including shipping within Ireland. Please email for shipping costs outside of Ireland.

We can provide you with all the components necessary for the building of the Homebrew Wind Turbines described in the book and any other style of wind turbine that you can send us a parts list for.

We can pre-assemble or pre-manufacture any of the parts or components needed for your wind turbine.

Please also be aware that the table across is not an exhaustive list of what we can supply; we also supply more advanced components such as Slip Rings, Slew Drives, Linear Actuators, Bearings, Blades…..etc

Please contact us with your parts list or requirements; we will give you a quote including delivery and we will work with you to help you build your own source of free electricity.

Kits contain: Magnets, Magnet Rotor Disks, Hub, Axle and Bearings, Enamelled Copper Wire, Polyester Resin and Hardener, Filler for Resin, Fibreglass Matt, Douglas Fir Timber Blanks, Threaded Rod, Nuts and Washers, Metal components cut to size

Note: Welding will be required to assemble the metal components

Delivery Cost within Ireland is €30 or this can be refunded if collecting from us yourself.


DescriptionPrice Ex. VATPrice Inc. VATBuy
1.2m Wind Turbine€262€322.26
1.8m Wind Turbine€316€388.68
2.4m Wind Turbine€496€610.08
3.0m Wind Turbine€606€745.38
3.6m Wind Turbine€769€945.87
4.2m Wind Turbine€855€1051.65

Wind Turbine Recipe BookWind Turbine Recipe Book for information and plans on building your own wind turbine. €17.79

Click here for an example of the Recipe Book wind turbines

MagnetsNeodymium Magnets for producing the magnetic field needed to generate electricity
Wind Turbine Rotor HubRotor Hub with Bearings and Axle for mounting the blades and rotors on
Copper-WireEnamelled Copper Wire for winding the stator coils
Polyester Vinylester ResinPolyester/Vinylester Resin for potting the stator coils
Fibreglass-MattFibreglass Mat 300g for re-inforcement of the resin
Magnet Rotor DiskMagnet Rotor Disks for mounting the magnets on
Timber for BladesDouglas Fir Timber Blanks for carving wooden blades.